Social Responsibility

The Company LOGIN ALBANIA aims to give an active and voluntary contribution to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions and improve its market position. The Company has a social responsibility, where it builds its credibility, enriches its image, and contributes to significant long-term profitability. Social responsibilities are well integrated with the strategies and policies of our Company, aiming to create values for the Company, employees, and Society in general.

Activities in LOGIN

Earthquake donation

After The earthquake event of November 26, 2019, “LOG IN ALBANIA” has joined the initiative “#You will never be alone” with the participation in a solidarity concert held on December 20 in Tirana. Proceeds from ticket sales went to reconstruct schools damaged by the earthquake. Our Company decided to buy 4 of these tickets, contributing to a value of 400,000 ALL for the cause. 

“LOG IN ALBANIA” also contributed financially to the organization of the charity concert in Vienna on December 30, 2019. Incomes from the show went to the families affected by the earthquake. 

The Company helped financially some employees and their families who suffered great shocks from November 26. The compensation came as solidarity and relief for these employees’ material or moral consequences. 

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